Meet Yoginis - A brand born from the passion of women who refused to settle for the ordinary.  Just like you, we've tried numerous activewear brands, each failing to deliver what we truly need. So, we decided to fix it.
Introducing Yoginis, the ultimate activewear brand for the bold, the fierce, and the unstoppable.
From yoga mats to running tracks to boardroom meetings, our designs move with you. More than just an activewear; Yoginis is a sisterhood of style, comfort, and support built by women, for women.
Ready to be unapologetically you?
We offer a variety of features that make our clothing stand out in the market

Our Journey

Our journey began as fitness enthusiasts with a simple desire: to feel good, uplifted, and comfortable during workouts. This desire quickly transformed into a broader mission, something we wanted every woman to experience.

In 2023, sisters Arti, Ankita, and Annu Maurya established Yoginis Activewear with the aim of addressing the unfulfilled fitness needs of women.

Our mantra from the start was to help you feel confident, empowered, and absolutely fabulous, whether you’re at the gym, practicing yoga, or just going about your day. That’s why our activewear is more than just aesthetically pleasing – it’s designed to perform flawlessly, allowing you to concentrate on what’s truly important: being your most vibrant self

    The Heartbeat of our brand!

    Aarti Maurya I Owner

    Meet Aarti Maurya, passionate, curious, and a versatile personality who never skips an opportunity to indulge in discussions.

    She truly has an enthusiasm for exercising and leading an active lifestyle, embodying its calm and mindful essence both on and off the mat. And when she's not breaking a sweat at the gym, you'll find her enjoying a cup of coffee or getting creative in the kitchen.

    But that’s not all! She never stops experimenting on stylish workout attire. With her dedication to fitness and innate sense of style, she's always at the forefront of the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle, creating content around the same.

    She's also a total adventure-seeker with an appetite for learning. So, whether she's mastering a new skill or diving into DIY projects, she brings her boundless energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

    If you're seeking a workout partner, fashion advice, or just a friendly chat over coffee, Aarti has got your back! 

    The vibrant force behind our brand!

    Ankita Maurya I Co-Founder

    She's not just our favourite fitness buddy – she's a bookworm, a beach lover, and a spiritual guru all in one. You’ll find her lost in the pages of the latest bestseller, soaking up the sun on a beach or connecting with the serenity of nature, often enjoying a rich tapestry of interests.

    But Ankita's personality goes beyond personal pursuits. She's all about uplifting women and spreading positivity wherever she goes. With her infectious energy and killer sense of humour, she's the life of the party.

    She's confident, she’s our daily dose of motivation, she's hardworking and ready to take on the world – one sunny day at a time!

    Our yoga-loving, energy-packed ray of sunshine!

    Annu Maurya I Co-Founder

    She's a certified yogi who's even trekked all her way to Rishikesh, the yoga capital.

    Whether she's sharing her favourite yoga poses or treating you to a delicious meal, she's all about giving back and making others smile. And speaking of delicious meals, Annu is a total foodie at heart, always excited to savour new food and new experiences.

    She's also a fashionista who loves to make a style statement wherever she goes. In her free time, she loves strumming a few chords on her guitar and brightening up the atmosphere with her melodious tunes. 

    As a keen learner who is always up for a culinary adventure, or a spontaneous jam session, she is ready to embrace every moment with an open heart.